18 Les Roches Marbella Students Inducted into International Honor Society

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The XXIX chapter of the Eta Sigma Delta International Hospitality Management Honor Society of Les Roches Marbella held its ceremony in the campus garden on May 16, 2018. The 18 inductees from 6 different countries are:

Agija Ančupāne (Latvia), Alise Glushchenko (Russia), Elizaveta Fedorchenko (Russia), Elizaveta Tretiakova (Russia), Eva Lozano Cerván (Spain), Eva Cortiguera Llama (Spain), Hanna Sophie Paulssen (Germany), Holly Britton (United Kingdom), Inessa Pupova (Russia), Irina Manzhugo (Russia), Julia Palchikova (Russia), Lisa Duks (Germany) , Maite Doliu Faneca (Spain), Maria Sokhach (Russia), Mónica Rodríguez Olaso (Spain), Natalia Vlasova (Russia), Saida Yermussina (Kazakhstan), and Zere Yessimgaliyeva (Kazakhstan). The event was chaired by Mr. Hassan Djeebet and by Helena Quintas, Commercial Director at Hotel Camino Real (SMY Hotels) who also became an honorary member of ESD.

Swearing In of the XXIX Chapter of Eta Sigma Delta at Les Roches Marbella

This particular ceremony is marked by a very outstanding and inspiring distinction – all 18 inductees are exceptional women and they are the future leaders of the global hospitality industry. However, this is not why they were chosen to become members of this exclusive society. Each of them was chosen for their remarkable academic performance, their ability to represent and uphold the highest ethical standards, and their commitment to excellence in the profession of hospitality management.

During an emotional closing speech on behalf of her fellow students, the chapter president, Ms. Holly Britton, said, “We are proud to be women, but our gender does not define us. We, like the men of the world, are the manager’s the CEO’s, the founders, the Presidents of the future. And today, and in the coming weeks we look to our futures, to embark on new journey’s outside of this institution, taking with us everything we have learned both professionally and personally. Our time at Les Roches not only here in Marbella, but at our sister campuses globally has provided us with key skills we will take with us when we leave. But for myself, I will take with me new friends, new memories, new ideas and a new passion. We did not all start this journey together, but we are all finishing it together.”

Helena Quintas, many may recall, was a lecturer in Rooms Division at Les Roches Marbella during the school’s early years of the 1990s. To have her return and receive this honor was a special moment for everyone at Les Roches.

Upon accepting the honor, Ms. Quintas mentioned that “It is an honor to be a part of this ceremony of Eta Sigma Delta and to have met 18 wonderful young women who are so passionate and brilliant. I wanted to be able to inspire them and yet it is they who are bringing me great inspiration to continue in this wonderful world of hospitality. I hope for a very promising future in the hands of this new generation. They are treading very hard and will make great achievements! ”

The Full Ceremony in Photos

Eta Sigma Delta - XXIX Chapter - May 16, 2018

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