5 Reasons to Love Les Roches Marbella

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Being in the first batch of the Global BBA Program, we are now in our third semester and can now say we have been in the three campuses of Les Roches! Having arrived in Marbella the first week of February, we are already settled in and loving every minute of being in Spain. Below I have created a list of my main reasons of loving this campus, and I hope it gives some insight to the Les Roches Marbella life.

1. Being in Marbella
Marbella is a small yet beautiful coastal city in the south of Spain. The weather is amazing throughout the whole year, also the winters are not very cold and in summer the weather is perfect for the beach. The campus is located 10 minutes walking from the beach, which to me is like being in paradise. Another important aspect of the location of campus is that we have a supermarket and gym at walking distance, which is very convenient for all the students. There is also a restaurant café right next to the campus, which is great for any afternoon snacks or even a late dinner.

2. People
Just like in Bluche and Shanghai, the students and the teachers come from everywhere in the world and this creates a unique environment in which we end up learning a lot from. Apart from all the students being very open and friendly, the faculty is also very hospitable and helpful. A lot of the Les Roches way of life comes from the attitude of everyone involved in everyday life on campus, people are always very positive, and eager to learn more.

3. Life on campus
Here in Marbella, life on campus is very different from Shanghai. While in Shanghai we only had 2 meals per day during the week on campus, here in Marbella we have every meal in the school restaurants, even on weekends. Another difference is that here all the campus accommodations are in the main building; meaning restaurants, residences, and classrooms are all in the same building. Both of these aspects make it very convenient for us, especially when we have kitchen duty early in the morning. The Les Roches way of life is also an important factor of living on campus, here you feel like a part of a family and there is always someone to help you and support you in any way.

4. Life outside classes
Marbella is a small city but it has a lot to offer, especially if you enjoy the sun. The school itself offers sport classes and a membership to the Manolo Santana tennis club, which has a gym and a pool. If you enjoy hiking there are some mountains around with amazing views of the city and during summer there is the opportunity to enjoy some water sports. Apart from the sports, Marbella is a very diverse city, walking around http://www.comprarviagraes24.com/ you come across people from everywhere in the world. Because of this, the range of restaurants and bars is pretty big, and is very easy to enjoy. Apart from the gastronomical side of the city, there are also many shops, ranging from a shopping mall near school, to high-end boutiques in the beachfront.

5. Kitchen practical training
Being our third semester studying in the global bachelor, we are currently in the kitchen practical semester. This means we do one full week of academic classes, and then one of kitchen and so on. For me, the kitchen practical is the most fun experience so far. Here on campus we have 3 different restaurants, Marché; the main one, which is self-service and where everyone goes frequently, El Olivo; fine-dining restaurant, in which we learn how to cook and properly present the dishes, and also Bistro; which is a fast-food style restaurant. Each week during our kitchen practical training, we get assigned to a different restaurant and timetables, which for me is great because it is not something monotonous. Here we learn by doing, and we get a lot of practice and help from amazing chefs that have a lot of experience. Being in the kitchen is a unique experience in my opinion, because at the same time you are in class, you are actually preparing food for your classmates and all of the students. 

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