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The Les Roches Marbella Blog is a collaborative project that is working to portray the spirit of the LRM Way of Life to our online community and beyond. The project began, in all earnest, in spring 2012 and by September’s launch date we had been inundated with articles from students, alumni, faculty and staff. Each and every one of them offer their own unique experiences of studying, working, and living at Les Roches as well as their endeavors beyond the school and into the professional world of internships.

As we have begun to publish their stories over the last several weeks, the blog has taken on a life of its own – one that showcases up close, what it truly means to be part of our school’s growing tradition of excellence.

The dedication displayed by everybody at LRM has not gone unnoticed and last week we decided that a gesture of our appreciation for their initial efforts was in store. Since the launch of the blog was an important milestone for Les Roches, we knew this gesture should be a milestone of sorts as well. It would have to be something that offers our contributors ongoing value and gives them incentive to continue contributing in the future. So, we decided to place the names of all thirty-six contributors into a random drawing , with the lucky winner taking home his or her very own iPad!

Today we are excited to announce that we have a winner after holding the drawing live on campus yesterday afternoon. Mano Soler (Director of Student Services & Operations), Makrina Hernandez (Director of Admissions) and Patricia Rodiles (Marketing Manager) took the honors of drawing the winner’s name during a ceremony from the campus garden terrace. Now, we are excited to name the winner for you right here in the LRM Blog! We invite you to watch the video of the drawing below and discover just who is taking home the new iPad.

But before you click on the video, we would like to state that we are forever grateful to all of you for your enthusiasm in helping us achieve the goal of expanding the blog’s reach to our growing global online community. With this initial success well underway, we sincerely hope all of you in the Les Roches community will continue to provide your original articles about your experiences at Les Roches and insights into the international hospitality industry as a whole. Next semester there is another more detailed blog contributor competition set to begin, so keep those pencils sharpened! Stay tuned in January 2013 for details of the next competition and the exciting prizes at stake.

Now, without further ado, the winner of the new iPad is: (watch the video now to discover the winner!)

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