Big Data & Tourism: Preparing students for future jobs is our main challenge

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  • Big data helps to personalize the customer’s experience to the maximum and to build loyalty during your stay.
  • The exchange of data has become a powerful marketing tool that allows hotels to meet the guest before they arrive at the hotel.
  • Despite the effort of SMEs and small hotels to join this network, only those capable of investing in specific training will be able to compete with the platforms arising in the online environment and anticipate the needs of the tourist of the future.

Les Roches Marbella Global Hospitality Education stands out again for its international role and its weight in the tourism industry with the participation of its general director, Carlos Díez de la Lastra, at the5GForum, the first multidisciplinary gathering on 5G technology in Malaga. The forum brought together the presidents of companies, managers, and experts from all over Spain to address advances in technology.

Carlos Díez de la Lastra, intervened alongside Fernando de Pablo, president of SEGITTUR, and Arturo Bernal, manager of Turismo Costa del Sol, in a roundtable focused on Tourism and Big Data. The discussion recognized that the role of new technologies and big data in tourism has become a key element in its development and that more and more companies that recruit from schools like Les Roches are looking for talent capable of managing digital information. “In the past, infrastructure represented an engine of growth for countries and especially for tourism; today data technology mark the future of our industry. We are facing a superhighway of technology. ”

In fact, experts say that there are travelers who choose destinations and accommodations guided by the photos they see on social media; a transformation that affects the entire tourism sector and that was unthinkable 10 years ago. For Carlos Díez de la Lastra, “new technologies offer added value to hotels and only managers and teams who can understand and move it to their environment will survive. With the digitalization of data, we are witnessing an extraordinary crossroads of information and a unique scenario has opened up. If you know your guests, you will know how to assist them, surprise them, and most importantly, build a relationship based on mutual loyalty. ”

Aware of the new challenges offered by the digital landscape, Les Roches Marbella trains its students for jobs that do not yet exist; and many of them, up to 33%, set out to create their own businesses with innovative ideas based on an interconnected world. “Today we have access to huge amounts of information that it is necessary to filter and manage. Big data is already part of the present and education is vital if we want to continue being a world tourism power. It is necessary that there is a consensus among all the players in the industry to promote the training of tourism professionals and raise the quality of service, in all sections of the chain. In Les Roches Marbella we have detected that the hotels that are betting the most on training are the ones that have the best results, in terms of growth and quality, and that is something that can be extrapolated to the whole sector and the country. ”


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