“Diamonds in the rough are diamonds forever” – Understanding the ultimate responsibility of teachers at Les Roches Marbella.

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Being given the challenge to write the first ever faculty entry for Les Roches Marbella’s new blog is not an easy task, especially considering the multi-faceted dynamism of the school and the industry it represents. There are indeed countless topics to discuss. I pondered the many experiences I’ve had as a professor and course manager for the school when finally I decided the best place to begin would be with a speech I gave about a staff meeting for our graduation ceremony back in June – I’ll call it the diamond analogy.

The diamond analogy touches at the very core of our responsibility as teachers. It unfolded during a discussion on our purpose as teachers and I thought it would be a good way to set this exciting new blog into motion by giving everyone a clear idea of what our basic objective is at LRM.  So, during this meeting I pulled up two photos on the projector screen – one was a crude uncut diamond and the other an elegant, highly polished star-cut diamond. The message was clear – students are the diamonds in the rough and we, the teachers, are the diamond cutters who must convert the stone into a gem.

Thus, it goes to say that each and every student who walks through the doors of this campus is precisely a diamond in the rough. They all possess the aptitude and predisposition needed to become one of those elegant, highly polished, star-cut diamonds. However, they are entirely dependent on the skill of the diamond cutter’s hands in order to display their inherent brilliance.

So we the teachers, as the diamond cutters, are tasked with the important job of observing the natural facets of each diamond and working around these to obtain the polished gemstone that each one inherently possesses. We must understand that each diamond is unique and that each one requires its own specific cut while also respecting its delicateness.

Now, the Les Roches Marbella August intake has just begun and needless to say there are plenty of rough diamonds walking around the hallways at the moment. To each and every one of them I would like to extend a big welcome and reassure them all that they too will be elegant highly polished star-cut diamonds when we are through with them.

Welcome to Les Roches Marbella and stay tuned for more faculty experiences in our blog!

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