Les Roches Marbella expands its academic offering with the new Executive Postgraduate to meet the challenges of arising tourism sectors

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This article is translated from Mr. Díez de la Lastra’s original Spanish article published in TecnoHotel on May 31, 2016 and titled “Nuevas Formas de Hacer Turismo“.

New tourism sectors have evolved in recent years due in part to the changing needs of travelers who were forced to adjust to a new economic scenario brought on by the drawn out global recession, and on the other hand, the evolution is a natural one due to the emergence of new socio-demographic profiles of the maturing “millennial” generation. These changes have obliged the industry to rethink their working models and to respond with strategies that combine new educational disciplines with new professional profiles. Until recently these new, more innovative profiles were few and far between in traditional tourism sectors and this obligated higher education institutions to respond by revamping their courses. Les Roches Marbella is meeting this challenge by combining our proven model of Swiss hospitality tradition (based on instilling discipline, humbleness, and international leadership skills) together with the incorporation of technological advances and flexible management skills that adapt to uncertain and diverse environments. This is a key combination to be able to stand out among the best talent on an international level, talent that, according to key industry players, is going to be the competitive element that determines a professional’s success during the next decade.

In 2016 Les Roches Marbella is taking on these challenges with an educational offer that includes a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Hotel Management (with four different specializations) and three postgraduate programs: the Postgraduate Intensive Diploma in International Hotel Management, the recently launched Postgraduate in Marketing Management for Luxury Tourism (created for graduates or professionals who wish to focus their career in tourism and luxury brands sector), and in October we will launch a new postgraduate that is unprecedented in Spain – the Executive Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel Management. The main objective of this new postgraduate specialization course will be to open more career prospects for the hotel management professional by providing cutting-edge tools to apply in their profession. The course is designed for working professionals and has a flexible class schedule that will allow students to continue working while studying at Les Roches Marbella during two weekends each month (accommodation is provided as part of the tuition). Students of the Executive Postgraduate will study the most innovative, alternative and sustainable trends in tourism and hotel management while also reinforcing professional strategies that will bring important value to each project and allow them to tackle challenges with confidence and success. The ultimate goal of this unique Executive Postgraduate will be to provide the professional with management skills that major multinational hotel and hospitality companies demand in their recruitment efforts.


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Personally, I feel very proud to be able to contribute to the exciting process of elevating the profession of hospitality management around the world. The bar has been raised for aspiring managers and we are prepared to help them with new innovative educational programs. All of us at Les Roches Marbella know that it is an added responsibility to develop the international talent that decides to invest in training here as a stimulus to advancing his or her hotel management career. We are also aware and excited by the prospect that much of that talent who studies in Les Roches goes on to enrich both the domestic and global tourism industry, both directly with their incorporation into emblematic hotels and indirectly by sharing their courage and networking with other students who are with them on campus.

Today’s customer demands more and has different needs, and companies need to know how to respond. The call of the industry is exciting and from Les Roches Marbella we will continue to channel the energies and talents of our students so that when the time comes, they will be well-prepared to excell in an industry that will continue to depend on serving others.

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