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Like many people like you who are reading these lines, I love to travel. Besides seeing new places and visiting old friends (and of course combining those two to attend the occasional concert), one of the reasons why I love travelling the most is because it opens your mind in a way that no other experience can.

On top of that, long-haul flights and waiting at airports give you the time to read anything you put your eyes on. During my last long distance trip, I came across an article about how a foundation is looking for good ideas that could help the world and awarding people for them. I thought it was such a great idea to be looking for great ideas :).

We all hear the stories of people that have created companies, even empires. Some of them might have changed the course of history or at least the way we do our daily chores.

Now that the world is becoming smaller, producing good ideas is of utmost importance. When innovation seems to be getting harder, as we all say: “there’s nothing new to be invented”, there’s still the necessity of finding new ideas because there are still things that we need, things that can be improved, and pains that somehow we create and then need to be solved. All this requires brilliant ideas rather than brilliant inventions.

Technicalities are easier to deal with, however it’s the ideas that are harder to come by. So the main question is where these ideas come from, but they can actually come from anywhere and at any time.

In order to find new ideas (or to let new ideas find you) there is only one requirement: be open to see them (or to receive them) and identify where they can be applied. This requires passion and an avid mind that is courageous enough to bring them up once they are found. We need the ability (or the boldness) of thinking big enough to adapt them to another place, or to another situation (or industry or environment), or anything else you can think of.

For this good idea to strike you, don’t hesitate. Listen, watch, go, ask, experience, travel, and above all: live! Also, make sure you have a notebook (or a voice recorder or your smartphone) ready wherever you are, because that great idea won’t come back to you to remind you of its existence. So go live, have great ideas and share them.

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