Heidi Matus, Les Roches Marbella Alumna (Spring 2000), Needs Your Help

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For Heidi Matus, a graduate of Les Roches Marbella’s Class of Spring 2000.

It’s been almost two years since the surprise party organized for her 40th birthday in Malaga. She looked tired and not feeling well, we all thought that it was because of the long trip, but it was after this event that we learned that our dearest Heidi was suffering from colon cancer, at a very advanced stage and even affecting other vital organs.

A Message From Heidi’s Friends & Family

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Despite the sad news, Heidi, making use of her strong character and strength, stayed positive at all times and let us know that she would fight with all her soul and wanted us to not think of her illness but of her full recovery. Heidi needed positive energy and not compassion. She reloaded that energy with her friends and family, with the sea, with the strength that we all send with our positive vibrations.  Even in these hard times, she did not hesitate to help those who needed it.

After several months, good news began to arrive. What seemed like a relentless disease, stopped growing and even went into remission to the surprise of the medical team. But cancer is a hard disease, it returns to attack,  and this is why we, her friends and family, are asking for help.

So far, medical costs and travel expenses from playa del Carmen, where she lives to the city of Mexico, where it is treated, have been able to be supported by her family, but costs continue to grow and they need to be prepared.

Her friends in Mexico, have organized this donation campaign to which her college friends and the Les Roches Marbella community at large can donate funds with whatever means possible to help alleviate the immense financial burden of her fight.

With this campaign, we want to support Heidi so that her economic difficulties in fighting her illness are not a negative burden for her, that she feels that she is covered at all times, thanks to friends and anonymous people who altruistically help and that this former student of Les Roches can win this battle.

Click here to support Heidi

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