I Am Les Roches Marbella

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“…- Hi, I am from Les Roches Marbella.”

“- Oh wow! What a great school! I have had many students from your school and they are great, we have hired many of them…”

This is a typical conversation I‘ve had when travelling to meet managers and recruiters from around the world. And I must say that this is something very satisfying to hear, especially because I also graduated from Les Roches Marbella and for me, a compliment about any of our students becomes a personal achievement for me as well. These kinds of comments and recognitions make me feel comfortable and proud to say out loud: “I AM FROM LES ROCHES MARBELLA!”

Since 1995, the Les Roches Marbella Alumni Association has grown to over 2700 alumni spread out over five continents. Many of them are working for the most prestigious and renowned hotel chains in the world. Also, every year we have more than 700 students who carry out their internships in over 105 companies worldwide. This is due in large part to the on-campus, recruitment visits that are becoming more and more abundant. Today, more international companies are taking the time to travel to Marbella to interview our students.  Some, like The Rezidor Hotel Group and Kempinski Hotels (two companies expecting a large growth rate in coming years) each schedule two visits to Les Roches Marbella during the school year.

The Intercontinental Hotel Group for Greater China also visited us recently and they had this to say: “After visiting four of the best hotel schools in Switzerland, I must say that Les Roches Marbella is the school that most impressed us due to your student body. You have impressive student profiles inside a magnificent campus and we will definitely be back next semester to continue our new relationship.”

Did you know that Industry hiring managers ranked Les Roches Marbella the ”number one Hospitality Management School in Spain for an international career” in a survey carried out by TNS Global Research in 2010?

All these interesting and fulfilling achievements are possible thanks to our ambassadors, our alumni, and our students – this means YOU. All your hard work, dedication, passion and perseverance, whether through internships and professional accomplishments, has made this possible. Just talking to somebody about the school creates a positive impact, not only in the hospitality world but most importantly with each and every one of our students, alumni, staff and faculty.

A compliment to you is a compliment to the 2700 students that have already graduated from Les Roches Marbella. So, it is up to all of us who studied here to make each and every one of them proud to say: I AM FROM LES ROCHES MARBELLA! 

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