Innovation in Hospitality: Four Seasons is Flying High

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Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts has long stood as one of the most sought after luxury hotel chains to work for among Les Roches Marbella’s students and alumni. The hotel chain’s name for quality and utmost professionalism is not only appreciated by their guests but also by their staff. We regularly receive feedback from our students and alumni about just how special it is to be associated with such a great company as Four Seasons. Our longstanding relationship with the luxury hotel chain is strengthened by their positive career experiences.

Recently, a Les Roches Marbella student, Alessio Anedda, who is currently undertaking his internship at Four Seasons San Francisco, pointed out a piece of news about the hotel group that reinforced his decision to choose Four Seasons as his internship destination. Alessio’s father is a pilot so he has a special connection to aviation and with Four Seasons’ recent announcement that they will venture into the airline industry, Alessio said in his own words that he is “extremely proud to be a part of Four Seasons”.

That’s right, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, already recognized around the world as a benchmark for top-end hospitality services, has found yet another way to innovate their brand with the ultimate guest experience. This innovation is about to come in the form of the 52 passenger Four Seasons Jet.

Beginning in February 2015, Four Seasons’ guests will have the opportunity to experience world-class luxury while flying to and from their destinations. The new 52 passenger Boeing 757 has been completely retrofitted to embody everything that makes staying at a Four Seasons hotel remarkable. With an exclusive interior design, handcrafted leather flatbed seats, in-flight Wi-Fi, international cuisine, and Four Seasons’ signature service both on the ground and in the air, luxury travel is about to be revolutionized.

Reservations are now being accepted for three bespoke travel packages. In February, the “Around the World” package includes a 24-day, 9 destination journey that Four Seasons describes as “epic”. We have no doubt that this will be the case. The maiden voyage will be followed by another unique travel opportunity billed as “Backstage with the Arts”. Taking place in April, this once in a lifetime trip will include 6 exclusive destinations around Europe during 16 eventful days. If this isn’t enough, the jet will also be made available to their most discerning guests for exclusive private charters anywhere in the world.

We look forward to seeing the Four Seasons Jet taking to the air next year and we hope to see Les Roches Marbella students and alumni on board in the future to make this five-star experience truly special. 

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