Internship Experiences: Alejandro Ramirez at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City

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Last January, 2012, I did my internship at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City, an amazing hotel in which I gained a great professional and personal experience thanks to all my colleagues and friends who never hesitated to help me with everything I needed during my stay in Mexico City.

The hotel is located on Paseo de la Reforma, one of Mexico's most beautiful avenues and its beautiful building emphasizes traditional Mexican architecture, one of the main attractions of the hotel for guests visiting one of the world's largest cities.

A 5 Star Internship
I worked in the Conference Services Department, a major department in the hotel that is responsible for organizing and catering to large groups as well as notable celebrity guests – the target markets of the hotel.

Being accepted into the Conference Services Department is not an easy task at Four Seasons Mexico City. Because of the importance of the department compared to other hotels, the Assistant Human Resources Director, together with the Director of Sales, must evaluate each candidate based on their qualifications and references. In my case, I had the advantage of previous experience during my first internship in the same department at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita. But, working in Mexico City now presented me with a new challenge: adapting to the difference between a resort and a business hotel.

During the first days I realized how complex and diverse the Conference Services Department really is. But with the help of my colleagues and managers I was able to adapt quickly to my new position and start working from the outset.

One of the main differences between Four Seasons and other hotels in the city is the quality of their service and therefore, the guests. I was extremely lucky to work with very important national and international groups, not to mention artists and foreign officials. This was where I learned firsthand that attention to detail is the key to providing an excellent service and as a result, today, I fully understand what is meant by “the Four Seasons Difference”.

Experiences to Last a Lifetime
Looking back, the months I spent interning in Mexico City were filled with unforgettable experiences that I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. From visiting new places and meeting new people in my free time to working at the hotel together with a group of wonderful colleagues and guests, every day was so exciting that I would wake up each morning with a big smile and a readiness to give it 110%.

I highly recommend that everyone do their internships with Four Seasons, as they will learn and grow in a very special way within the hospitality industry. What a better place to start our future than in one of the biggest and best hotel companies in the world!

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