Postgraduate Students Pour On The Italian Wine Charm

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les-roches-marbella-postgraduate-students-italy-1In Italy we take great pride in the wonderful wines produced on our beautiful land. When myself and my classmates were given a group project recently for the final exam in our Postgraduate Hospitality course in Professional Culinary Concepts, I knew right away that we should choose an Italian wine as the focus of the project.

In Mr. Blanco’s Professional Culinary Concepts class we spend the first part of the semester in practical, hands-on training. The second half of the semester involves theory and, while there is no formal final exam for the class, there is an important group project and oral presentation. We were eager to get a good grade for the course so we made it our goal to offer an interesting project and final presentation for which the entire class could enjoy. The project team involved myself, Filippo Abbate, Valentina Lianou, Angel Molina, and Yana Vavilina. 

i vini

The final choice was a unique and amazing Tintore wine from the Amalfi Coast, south of Naples. This delicious red wine is produced by cantina Tenuta San Francesco di Tramonti. Coincidentally the vineyard is located in the same region that I come from so this brought an even more special meaning to the project.

In 2004, in order to revive an ancient viticultural tradition that was disappearing from the Amalfi Coast of Italy, S. Francesco di Tramonti was born. The majestic vineyards extends over about eight and a half hectares and produces wines from the grapes of three local historical families: the Bove, the D’Avino, the Giordano.


Most people have never heard of the wines that come from my home region of Italy and after the presentation and wine tasting during the class, the Amalfi Coast has several new fans who are eager to put San Francesco di Tramonti wines on their personal lists of favorites.

I want to thank my project team (Valentina, Yana, and Angel) for accepting my choice and to Mr. Blanco for the opportunity to present a wine that has a special meaning to me personally. The experience was amazing and the knowledge the entire class gained through the course will serve us all as we move forward in our careers in international hospitality. Also, Grazie mille Gaetano Bove Raffaella Bove of  Tenuta San Francesco di Tramonti for the amazing wine and for supporting us in this beautiful experience!

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