Les Roches Marbella Announces Blog Contributors Giveaway

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In September we finally launched the official Les Roches Marbella Blog. Its immediate success wouldn’t have been possible if not for the overwhelming number of contributions from our students, alumni, faculty, and staff. They dedicated a great deal of time and thought to show our readers just why Les Roches Marbella is more than a school; it’s a way of life! So, to show our gratefulness, we have decided to hold a drawing that includes all contributions received before Monday November 19, 2012.
Now, it’s not just any drawing; it has to be special, so we are digging deep and pulling out none other than a brand new iPad for the lucky winner! That’s right; all contributors who participated in this semester’s blog launch (whether published already or not) are eligible to win a new iPad!
Students, alumni, faculty and staff – you are all being placed into the drawing that will take place live on Campus in the afternoon of Tuesday the 27th of November!

Here is the list of all contributors:

1. Alberto Garcia (Librarian)
2. Alejandro Ramirez (Student Ambassador)
3. Amine Deroui (Student)
4. Ana Paula Torres Andaluz (Student)
5. Ana Rajodici (Student)
6. Angel Monadero
7. Andre Rytz (Lecturer)
8. Anna-Jessica Wienands (Student Ambassador)
9. Carlos Erburu (Alumni)
10. Carolina de Bivar (Student)
11. Chris Burton (Lecturer)
12. Constança Ribeiro da Silva (Student Ambassador)
13. Desiree Perrot (Student)
14. Elisabeth Arevalo (Lecturer)
15. Esther Navarro (Student Ambassador)
16. Fabián Quiles (Alumni)
17. Frank Herrán (Alumni)
18. Gordon O’Keefe  (Lecturer)
19. Guillaume Lafond (Student Ambassador)
20. Hassan Djebeeb (Lecturer)
21. Isabel Fonseca Canahuati (Student)
22. Leila Vanbelle (Student Ambassador)
23. Marek Hirtentreu (Alumni)
24. Margherita Tiso (Student Ambassador)
25. Marta Lopez Cervilla (Student)
26. Michael Wienands (Student)
27. Nelson Carvalheiro (Student)
28. Patrick Cornelissen (Alumni)
29. Patrick Cornelissen (Alumni)
30. Pedro Dos Santos (Student)
31. Roberto Rodríguez (Lecturer)
32. Sergio Vega (Student)
33. Simona Wolsztajn (Student)
34. Sonia Junquer (Educational Counselor)
35. Sneha Idnani (Student Ambassador)
36. Stephan Demaeght (Lecturer)

*If you feel your name has been left off for some reason, contact us before Tuesday morning the 27th of November to ensure your entry is included!

We wish the best of luck to all of you! Stay tuned for the results Tuesday, on campus and right here in the LRM Blog! And don’t forget to continue sending us your articles, there are more contests to come next semester too!

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