Les Roches Marbella is Committed to Social Responsibility

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My name is Laura Gonzalez and I am part of the Student Services Department. On behalf of the entire Les Roches Marbella team, I want to present Les Roches Marbella’s Social Responsibility Project. This initiative has been developing for several years and continues to grow and evolve thanks to valuable contributions from our many students and staff. We believe it is our duty to demonstrate social accountability by collaborating with local and global causes in order to give back to society part of what we get from it.

In 2010, Les Roches Marbella was granted the first European management system of social responsibility, SGE21 certification, thus reinforcing our commitment and participation in the betterment of today's society while working to leave a positive footprint on the future. That same year, the school also joined the international project of the United Nations, Global Compact with the goal to implement and promote 10 universal principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. That same year, Les Roches Marbella also won the award for Business Excellence in the category of Socially Responsible Management. All this goes to demonstrate our strong track record and is in turn the starting point of a communicative and collaborative environmental policy.

Among the actions carried out periodically, include donating books, perishable foods at the end of each semester, office supplies, furniture and linens after each campus reform. Also, our students regularly volunteer by donating clothing or shoes that are distributed twice a year to local organizations.
In addition to donations, our contribution to local associations translates into volunteer work throughout the year in which our students, under the command of teachers or employees, selflessly strive to offer their service, time and inspiring enthusiasm to charity galas, food banks, tutoring children and youth at risk of exclusion, blood and marrow donation, fundraising and other activities.

Les Roches Marbella’s actions strive to set the standard for higher education institutions to follow while bolstering our dedication to the sustainable future of the global hospitality and tourism industry.

Some of the organizations with which we collaborate regularly are: Asociación Española Contra el Cancer (AECC), Concordia, Cudeca, Red Cross, Waking up without Violence, and Black & White.

With a solid and proven framework now in place,  we wish to inaugurate a new era where we will share our mission and values with the broader Les Roches Marbella community to encourage participation in our important effort to continue implementing our policy of social and environmental responsibility. Through our collaborative participation we can plant the seed of environmental consciousness, raise awareness to the important values of diversity, tolerance, coexistence, participation and collaboration in our global society.

Through this blog, we will periodically communicate our future initiatives and we look forward to the participation of all.

You can request more information about the Les Roches Marbella Social Responsibility Project by emailing us at: socialresponsibility@lesroches.es.

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