Les Roches Marbella Students & Alumni Star in New School Video [VIDEO]

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In June 2019, Les Roches Marbella launched its 2019 promotional campaign, “Les Roches Marbella: Where your future begins”. Following the success of 2016’s video campaign that exclusively starred students, we continued the same path but this time with some familiar alumni of Les Roches Marbella.

“Les Roches Marbella: Where your future begins”

A professional production is not without its bloopers, unforeseen issues, and retakes. During two intense days of shooting, Les Roches Marbella’s student ambassadors and alumni experienced just how much work goes into producing an amazing video. We caught them behind the scenes as they made the magic happen.

The Making of “Les Roches Marbella: Where your future begins”

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