LRM Students do it Gangnam Style!

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When we proudly proclaim that “Les Roches Marbella is more than a school; it’s a way of life”, it is because of the vibrant spirit that emanates from each and every student, faculty, and staff member of our great institution.

To be a part of a university like Les Roches Marbella means having a large extended family that you can share life’s experiences with. And what are families for, if not for having some fun together once in a while? Maybe have a good laugh, some music, or perhaps even some dancing.

Did somebody say dancing? Yes, we said dancing and dancing would not be dancing unless everyone is doing PSY’s horse dance. That’s right; LRM students and faculty are doing it Gangnam Style!

After a long week of hard work there is no better way to wind down than with a bit of Gangnam Style on campus. So, without further ado, we present you Gangnum Style by the LRM Student Body and Faculty.

PS – Thanks so much to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to let loose and show the world their school spirit. Great job! 



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