Meet Our 2013 Student Ambassadors

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Last week Les Roches Marbella inducted twelve new Student Ambassadors in its second selection since initiating the program in autumn 2012. We now have 26 of our school’s passionate students and alumni proudly representing Les Roches Marbella as future leaders in Hospitality. Half of them are presently carrying the LRM badge of honor with them during their internships abroad while the others are representing our school spirit daily, right here on campus.

Now, we must give credit where credit is due; on top of a non-stop class and work schedule, these committed young hospitality professionals still have a desire to serve above and beyond their academic obligations – in this case, they are willfully serving their school and their fellow peers. To commit to yet another responsibility appears not to be a burden to these ambassadors but instead they find pleasure to be in the service of others.  Dedication to service is a fundamental trait needed to be successful in Hospitality and each of them clearly have it.

After spending a day with the twelve of them last week, we found that each possess their own very unique personalities that shine through and inspire hope in all of us. Even though their journeys began in very different parts of the world (this new group alone represents eleven countries from all corners of the globe) and their dreams may eventually carry them each in different directions, there is one thing they all share and that is the years they will have spent growing together  at Les Roches Marbella. That’s right; the one common trait they will always share is carrying the spirit of Les Roches Marbella with them wherever they may go in the future.

Over the coming months and years we look forward to sharing their stories here in the blog, both from their own writing contributions as well as a series of feature stories that we hope to develop to shine a spotlight on this special group of young hospitality professionals.  But for today, it is simply our pleasure to introduce each of them to you, our readers.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the 2013 Les Roches Marbella Student Ambassadors:

Zuber Bishnoi Eszter Breuer Bivatsu Giri
UK Hungary Bhutan
Undergraduate – Semester 3 Undergraduate – Semester 3 Undergraduate – Semester 1

Cristina Reynoso Mehdi Kebdani Bruna Pina
Belgium Morocco Portugal 
Undergraduate – Semester 1 Undergraduate – Semester 3 Undergraduate – Semester 3

Waleed Raad Rebeca Soaita Santiago Ramirez
Canada Romania Spain
Undergraduate – Semester 6 Undergraduate – Semester 1 Postgraduate Golf Mgmt.

Pier Giusto Darvin Chandru Omar Al Shahadat
Italy Spain Syria
Undergraduate – Semester 1 Undergraduate – Semester 6 Undergraduate – Semester 5

Alex Ramirez Vladimir Sochinskiy
Mexico Kazakhstan
Undergraduate – Semester 6 Undergraduate – Semester 6
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