Midterm Break: Moments & Memories of a Student Ambassador

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Midterm Break! Just hearing those two words out loud can create inexplicable feelings and emotions. The thought of having a 10 day holiday provokes excitement and happiness. Some people look forward to going home, others look forward to exploring new destinations and some might use this time to relax and disconnect from the daily routine. It is always useful to just take a break, especially in this very demanding industry we are all involved in; Hospitality! This was going to be my last midterm-break as a student so I decided to do something memorable. I went to London!

London for me is one of the best cities in the world. It’s such a busy city. It’s such a busy life.  The people running in the tube stations, the people rushing to go to work, the crowded streets, it´s such an energetic atmosphere. The people are so active all day long that it makes me want to be as active as well.

Apart from visiting the city once again, I also went to London to visit family and friends. It was really nice to be able to meet with my family members after a long time as well as catching up with so many friends that I hardly get to see anymore. This was indeed a great chance for me to bond with my loved ones.

London also brings back so many pleasant memories from the past. It was in London where I did my second internship two years ago. I was working in the front office department at the Guoman Tower Hotel where I lived one of the best moments in my life. It is in London where I grew as a person, learned how to work under pressure and feel the real responsibility of being independent. It was a very special moment to go back to the Tower Hotel two years later for a visit.  It was a great feeling to re-unite with those wonderful memories and catch up with my work colleagues and managers.

During my visit to London I also got the chance to meet up with Ms. Sneha Idnani, one of my Les Roches Marbella colleagues and a fellow student ambassador. It had been a long time since I last saw her and it was interesting to update ourselves about what´s happening in our professional life. Sneha is currently doing management training at the Landmark Hotel London and she was able to take some time off to give me a tour around the hotel. I must say that The Landmark London is a very impressive hotel, apart from being centrally located and a classically elegant five-star atmosphere, its beautiful corridors and public spaces happen to house some of the city’s finest and historical artwork.

My days in London flew by so quickly. I guess that´s what happens when you are on the move the whole day. Distances between one place and another are so far that you might spend most of your day travelling on the underground tubes or going around the city by bus. One thing that drew my attention was that the London Tubes were celebrating 150 years of existence. Yes, 150 years! It is quite shocking to think that the first tube was functioning in London 150 years ago and today we still think it is something new.

I would just like to sign off now by saying that it is always a pleasure and a great experience to go back to London. So if anyone hasn’t been to London yet then I would advise you to add it on your to-do list because it is a city worth visiting a million times.  Saying this, I can’t wait for my next visit!

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