My Hotel Internship In Vietnam (VIDEO)

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First of all I would like to thank the Executive Management Board, led by Mr. Lee Young Youl (GM Lotte Hotel Hanoi), followed by Mr. Tom (AEM Lotte Hotel Hanoi), for all the support they have given me along with the best learning tools at Lotte Hotel Hanoi. I would also like to show my gratitude to Mrs. Thuy (HR Manager) for letting me experience what it is like to work for the biggest Korean Hotel Chain in Asia. Finally, I cannot forget Ms. Pham (HR Assistant to Manager ) for all the support given by her and the rest of the Human Resources team. Thank you so much!

It’s hard for me to summarise the 178 days I spent at Lotte Hotel Hanoi. I would use three adjectives to do so :

Hospitable – Thanks to all members of all departments of Lotte Hotel Hanoi for being so open and hospitable during my stay at Lotte and for leaving aside the difference in culture ( language, way of being, way of thinking, etc.).

Useful – I would like to thank all the members of the restaurant, Grill 63, Tim Ho Wan & Banquet not only for teaching so much, but also for proving me with the useful expression “until you put yourself in another person’s shoes , you don’t really value the hard work behind it”. I am thankful they showed me that giving a service inside a hotel is not as simple nor easy a task as it might seem from an outside perspective.

Unique – Despite being 14,254 kilometers away from my home in Spain, the fact that many of you took the chance in your free time to invite me to dinners outside hotel, to attend farewell parties, to share karaoke nights, coffee meetings and even Vietnamese weddings was something unique which made me forget a little bit of my origins. Unique was the way you all introduced me to the Vietnamese culture!!!

Unique was also the chance of having the opportunity to visit a Vietnamese orphanage. It was a great experience and even though I may not be able to change their lives, I was at least able to bring some joy to their day. This is one of the best experiences I took away from my stay in Hanoi. For this great opportunity, I would like to show my appreciation and admiration to all members of Lotte OneSpirit. This, in fact, made the difference while working at Lotte Hanoi. I hope they keep up this great work and one day all these children will find their way to succeed in life thanks to the help of the hotel’s staff.

To finish off I would say Unique is also the teamwork spirit and support each member gave to each other at the “All Black Team” (as I liked to call the banquet team) led by Mr. Cuong Nguyen Quang. Their teamwork made all the events held at Lotte run  fluidly and effective without forgetting the necessity of a 5 star service.

This example is the one I hope all departments at Lotte Hotel Hanoi carry out during the next years so that whatever part of the world I am in, I can hear that Lotte Hotel Hanoi, not only is the best hotel in Vietnam, but also one of the top leaders five star hotels in the world.

To finish this unforgettable internship blog I would like to share a video slideshow of my 6-month experience. I hope you enjoy it!

Internship in Hanoi, Vietnam

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