My Internship at Hotel Paradisus Palma Real, Dominican Republic [VIDEO]

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hotel internship dominican republic

For my internship’s final project, I was requested to submit a presentation that covers one or more aspects of my internship experience. Since most of my tasks consisted in following the steps of the General Manager, a short movie seemed to be the most accurate way to summarize my unrelenting 6-month internship experience.

Building on this momentum, I decided to film a typical day at work, even though there was no such thing as typical or redundant on my day-to-day basis. However, I managed to catch on tape a few important events or situations that helped me grow as a hospitality professional. Hopefully, my project will thoroughly depict my entire internship in a 3-minute footage.

Assisting the general manager was not an easy task. Sometimes, I had to put aside my personal life and set my priorities straight in order to reach the company’s goals, which can be pretty challenging. This amazing opportunity was very fulfilling yet very demanding. Twelve-hour shifts and short nights of sleep were part of my daily routine. However, my very understanding boss knew that keeping me too long from the Caribbean beaches would probably contribute to a sick building syndrome. After gaining her trust and confidence, I was given a lot of empowerment and a higher level of responsibilities.

My mornings always started with daily briefings and a caffeine kick to endure them. As I assisted to several reunions treating different topics, I realized that there was always a conflict of interest and that finding a common ground was sometimes very challenging and time-consuming. This made me experience the diversity of our human capital and, most importantly, on how to cope with each individual.

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I spent a lot of time with the manager in her office, analyzing business cases or commenting on the last conference we assisted to. Then, the manager assigned me to go over the entire property to catch the slightest details, supervise the operation and/or report any incident that I considered important. Her encouragement and interest in my professional blossoming contributed to a great improvement in the way I work today. For example, I have always been curious about the spa and wellness industry. When I mentioned it to my manager, she gave me the freedom to work in parallel with the Spa Department until the end of my internship. The immensity of the resort property implicated the use of golf carts, which was quite helpful to get from one office to another.

Over the course of my internship, I have learned a lot about priorities, teamwork and leadership in the workplace. I can now say that I got a bigger picture of what hotel general management is really about and I am looking forward to learning more about entrepreneurship on further opportunities.

Internship at the Hotel Paradisus Palma Real, Mexico

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