My Les Roches Marbella experience, from beginning to end.

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Here we go! My BBA 6 semester in International Hotel Management has just begun and after this semester I only have one left until my studies at Les Roches Marbella are done. I remember my first week in the school as though it was the previous one. Me – standing in front of the entrance of the main hall, with a deep fear, with thoughts like: "Is this the right place that I have chosen for my future career?” At the same time I was really excited and think that something big and great is about to happen and I felt a "now or never" passion about my future. I'm sure these feelings are familiar to all of the students when they first enter their universities, but here at Les Roches Marbella there is something different.

I entered my new home to the first smile of Mr. Soler and to friendly students who helped us right away to "find ourselves" in this new atmosphere. My first lessons were well-structured and provided ample information from all the teachers. I felt right at home from the very beginning because of the feeling that I am part of something prestigious, because of my cozy new room, and because of my more than 100 new classmates who felt absolutely the same way as I did. This was the first and one of the most important lessons of hospitality in my life.

A long time has passed by since then (no, sorry, it has flown by) and I have been studying here for over two years already. So what has changed in those years? Well…first of all, me. There is only a tiny part of me and of my perception from that girl two years ago. I have learned so much during these two years and I'm not only talking about the classes and all the subjects that we have to learn. No. It is about the first direct contact with the real business world, dealing with people in the work environment, making new connections, learning about the importance of diplomacy, embracing cultural diversity, and pursuing personal growth. With all of these lessons I have learned to “sell” myself as a future leader not only in the hospitality industry, but in any other area I choose as well.

The school shows you how to develop yourself and they provide you with all the necessary opportunities and the ideal environment for growing in. However, there is one obstacle that will never turn you into a greater person, and this obstacle is you. It is easy as that. Do you want to grow? Then go out and apply what the school teaches to you. Do you want a nice internship? Then take the advice from the career development department and do your research. Do you want to make connections throughout the world? Then go and communicate with the teachers, students, and the administration of the school. All of these resources are at our disposal, we just have to take advantage them and when we do, things happen. It sounds like a Nike’s world-famous slogan, "JUST DO IT", but it really is this easy.

So, passing through the semesters of F&B service, kitchen operations, an internship, and a semester dedicated exclusively to management courses, I find myself flowing into the final two semesters with relative ease. I understand that I have changed in a good and positive way, and to be honest, I am very proud of myself. Also, I have to admit that it will soon be the end of this phase in my professional development, but for me it will never really be the end: it is only the start of a huge tree that keeps on growing and reaching towards the sky. Les Roches Marbella represents my strong and stable roots. The continued growth of this tree will depend only on me and I am confident I have the foundation to succeed. This school helped me sprout from a seed to a strong tree that is ready to enter the hospitality management profession in any place I choose in the world. My personal values are established and, of course, the Les Roches way of life now flourishes inside of me. From my heart, I wish to thank all of my teachers and friends for helping me grow to where I am today. I love this school! 

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