My Mid-term Adventure: Exploring The City of Lights

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During the mid-term break from classes each semester at Les Roches Marbella, many of my classmates decide to go home and relax for a few days with their family and friends. Others choose to use their free time to do some duties and projects. However,  others like myself, decide to go out for an adventure and visit places we have not been to before or places we just love and want to visit again.

Last mid-term week, I decided to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This being the most visited city in Europe and therefore the most touristic, exciting, and dynamic one: Paris.

On Monday morning I took the first flight from Malaga to Paris in order to arrive as early as possible and take advantage of the time as much as I could. Being the first time I visited Paris, everything was brand new, so I needed to know how to get downtown from the airport. The French hospitality from the lady at the Information Centre was very helpful and she explained perfectly how to easily move around in this great city.

To my surprise, the first sight I saw right after stepping off the bus was the magnificent Arc de Triunf, a great monument that gives life to the most beautiful avenue in Paris: Les Champs Elysee. So the first thing I did was take a stroll down this stunning avenue to visit all the shops that line its length from end to end. The entire street was full of happy customers, excited tourists and locals. Their amazing energy and smiles invite you to stay as long as possible.

The next day was a long anticipated one,  I finally visited one of the places that I had to see in my lifetime:  the Eiffel Tower. That feeling you get when you first see this world-famous monument after dreaming of visiting it in person your entire life is truly inexplicable. So there I was eagerly climbing the equivalent of more than 40 stories and so full of emotion that the morning had passed before I had time to notice it.

The best way to enjoy the city and explore different routes is to take one of the many “Open Tours” that are available, so during the following days that is what I did. These open tours allowed me to get off the bus to visit the places that most interested me and provided the convenience to take another bus and continue the tour later. Like this I visited several different places and monuments from Sacré-Coeur, Le Musee du Louvre to Notre Dame, and many more.

As a must-do during any visit to Paris, I spent a great deal of time just walking the streets of this beautiful city. By doing this I always found friendly people, quaint restaurants and lively cafes where to sit, have a nice coffee and admire the incredible French architecture that is so characteristic of Paris.

Another must-see tourist spot in Paris is Disneyland. Of course I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit it, so a full day was dedicated to experiencing the first Disney theme park located outside the United States. The whole park was decorated with festive motives, so the park looked great, and as always, the impeccable Disney service was everywhere.

At the end of the week it was time to return to school and continue studying, so unfortunately, my holiday came to an end, but not before spending the last night in the centre of Paris and les Champs Elyseé. This was a wonderful holiday that definitely has to be repeated soon!

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