Overcoming Obstacles through Improvisation

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As students I’m sure most of us have wondered from time to time what the purpose of some off the wall theoretical subject is and how it will ever be used in our professional lives. This curiosity probably wasn’t in vain and in many instances the assumption is likely totally correct. Worse still, we probably never will come across a situation in our professional lives that is just like we learned it in the lecture room. Even case studies and practical classes don’t match up completely with the reality of an industry that is constantly advancing and innovating.

This is why at Les Roches Marbella we endeavor to train our students to adapt to changing situations by improvising with the theoretical principles that form their academic background. So, even though some courses and exercises seem hopelessly irrelevant, it is important to understand them and how their core functions translate into real-world settings. In the field of hotel management memorizing theories and reproducing exercises to the letter for the purpose of exams that are long forgotten two weeks later is most likely of no benefit in the long-term. It is therefore vital to develop an in-depth understanding of how the basic premise of each can be applied under diverse circumstances and this is the heart of our teaching philosophy at Les Roches.

So I emphasize, one of our primary goals is to nurture our students’ learning efforts and thus ensure they enter their careers with three core elements: Understanding versus memorizing, flexibility versus rigidity, and improvisation versus a strict textbook interpretation. In short, Les Roches Marbella provides the tools and it is up to you to use them creatively. To conclude, the words of the French writer Michel de Montaigne are most fitting: “I would rather make of him an able man than a learned man. I would also urge that care be taken to choose a guide with a well-made rather than a well-filled head.”  

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