Silvio Patrucco named Head Chef of Les Roches Marbella

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After serving as Senior Instructor and Assistant Head of Kitchen Practicals since 2007, Chef Silvio Patrucco has been named Head Chef of Les Roches Marbella.

Speaking about the new challenge to head up the operations and practical training in our four campus-based restaurants, Chef Patrucco says he is driven by his passion to “to teach students in a way that helps them to implement the solid foundation needed to become future leaders” in an international hospitality industry that places a premium on professionals with practical experience in all facets of a hotel.

Chef Patrucco is a Certified Hospitality Educator. During his tenure as a chef lecturer, he taught culinary arts and concepts, in addition to overseeing the practical operations of each of the four campus restaurants. As head of kitchen operations, Chef Patrucco is leading the kitchen team while working with the F&B Department to develop and implement innovative practical training modules that impart critical skills and knowledge in students. His extensive experience as a chef at the Dorchester Hotel, and with Le Meridien Hotel group in Both England and U.S.A. offers added value to their education.

We wish to congratulate Chef Patrucco on this new appointment and we are excited his leadership and mentorship will continue to be an integral part of our mission to ensure that students acquire the personal and professional skills needed to progress into leadership positions in the hospitality industry.

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