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The way people communicate and interact has changed dramatically over the last few years due to technology advances and the emergence of social media networking. We now find ourselves in an increasingly global culture where politics, the economy, people and enterprises from around the world have had to adapt to the increasing power of communication. Today, information flows freely and rapidly in a constantly updated real time setting. And from this we have been granted an extremely useful tool: sharing.

Sharing is at the foundation of the internet community and undoubtedly it is what has allowed the community to grow at the rate it has. Thus, the advent of social media has facilitated sharing in ways that were unthinkable just a few short years ago. The success of these networks comes as no surprise considering they have given us an opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with others from around the world. As a result this important tool enables us to get information from a variety of sources, find useful advice on any range of subjects, as wells as to teach and learn from others with similar backgrounds and interests.

It goes without saying that the Les Roches Marbella Alumni Community is already active on Facebook and Twitter. Through these networks we are developing a community of former students working around the world who contribute interesting information about hotel management and tourism, human resources, continued professional development, job offers and much more. Now, as part of the alumni community’s evolution, from today forward we are extending this experience through this exclusive blog space.  From here we will be publishing regular features and articles from our alumni who are ready to share their career development experiences and industry knowledge, as well as their views on a number of interesting hospitality industry topics.

From the Les Roches Marbella Alumni Association, we welcome you to our blog!

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