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Welcome to the Way of Life section of the Les Roches Marbella blog. In this section we will be sharing the day to day life of our students on campus. Being a student at Les Roches is not only about going to class and doing your homework, it’s about a constant living and learning experience. Lifelong friendships, tolerance, multiculturalism, respect, solidarity and teamwork are just some of the values that our students take with them from Les Roches and throughout their professional careers.

With more than 54 different nationalities on campus, Les Roches Marbella is the perfect setting for our students to gain the many skills needed to achieve their goal of becoming qualified hospitality professionals. With the diverse culture as a setting, our students sure know how to have some fun together. By using the many different leisure areas that our campus provides such as the Le Bistro Sports Bar, Le Marché Restaurant, The Garden and the Manolo Santana Sports Center, our students organize everything from theme nights and cultural gatherings to sporting events and outdoor excursions. Of course, it’s not all about studying and students will never find themselves lacking in recreational and social options – let´s not forget that we are in a touristic paradise!

And finally, the day to day life at Les Roches is as close as you can get to a “real world” working environment. Students perform duties in all of our departments: from the bar and restaurant to service, kitchen, and management. Other days are popular for the career visits we hold every semester. This is when we invite executives from more than 20 top international hospitality companies to share current trends of the industry and their company philosophies. During these visits students have the chance to hold interviews with the possibility of being selected for job offerings and internships.

So, stay tuned and join us. There will be plenty to share in this blog section as we show you why Les Roches Marbella is more than a school, it’s a way of life! 

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