Merry Arman

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In 2015, I transferred from Les Roches Switzerland to Les Roches Marbella for just one semester. However, I loved it here so much that I decided to stay. At 22 years old, I am originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan, but I consider myself a world citizen. Since an early age, my family’s business involved a lot of travelling and that is where my passion for hospitality and people came from.

Having wandered all around the globe to over 60 countries (and settled for many years in some of them) has helped me develop a multicultural and a multilingual personality. For instance, 3 years in Los Angeles, California influenced my perception of life, and there I realised that everything is possible if you really work for it. You know? The American Dream. My inspirations and interests vary from wine and gastronomy to calligraphy, contemporary art and new technologies. And the best part of it is that these things are different depending on where you go. And that’s what makes traveling a priceless gift – exploring more and more of yourself and the world around you. I believe that life is all about what you make of it. While we are still young, full of energy, excitement and ambition, we must pursue every opportunity to grow and develop, while highlighting the moments of joy and putting aside shades of negativity.

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