Life on Campus: A Student’s Perspective

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You know you live on campus when you realize you’re used to listening to music you don’t even like through the window (for instance, my roommate is blasting music I don’t necessarily enjoy right beside me as I write this), or when you find yourself feeding your late night cravings by a vending machine surrounded with sleepless students preparing for their finals. Campus life, as a whole, is a lifestyle that demands some getting used to. Leaving the comfort of your home and moving into a somewhat characterless room, and calling it your home for months at a time, is a challenge, it truly is. What makes the campus a home though, isn’t all the hours we spend here, it’s the people and the memories we make with them.

Honestly, where else can you walk around in pajamas and be considered normal? Where else are you going to see a diffusion of cultures and nationalities working and living as one? It’s beautiful to see honestly, and it is even cooler to live.

Sure, there are some flaws as well. Having to leave your friend’s room mid-film to go back to yours because it’s “22:59”, or not having a kitchen to cook the food only you can make to satisfy your taste buds can be a pain, but that’s college for you. Les Roches has its complicated standards and rules, but we’ve become accustomed to loving it nonetheless.


As a BBA 3 student this is my last semester living within the campus. Soon enough, I’ll be looking back at the comforts of living with housekeeping service and pre-cooked meals and sighing, but I’m going to go ahead and enjoy it while it lasts. Leaving campus will surely be the next step towards adulthood.

Speaking of Housekeeping, it would be unfair to write a blog post about the Les Roches Campus and not mention them. Not only do they do an excellent job, but they also are the sweetest people who return your “Buenos Dias!” with a big grin no matter how tired they can be. Kudos to the HSK staff of Les Roches Marbella!

There are days when I find myself hating life on campus, but then I realise I’m surrounded by people going through the same experiences I am, people who can understand me all too well. As a somewhat social girl, I find myself spending time with all types of people. You can find different cliques from one room to another, and unlike the typical high school drama that films like “Mean Girls” portray about cliques, they’re quite open to new members. That’s the thing about Les Roches: there are so many of us within these campus walls that you get to discover new people and personalities all the time, and find yourself hanging out with people you hadn’t even met a week ago.

This campus is lively and full of opportunities, and I must admit, leaving this lifestyle will be almost as difficult as getting used to it.

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